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Selected Presentations

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1.  Laing SS, Ocampo CC, Baugh S, Mendes C. 2016. "Mobile Technology and Promoting Health Equity for Low-Income Patients." 22nd Annual Meeting of the Healthcare Services Research Network, Atlanta, Georgia.

2.  Baugh S, Laing SS, Mendez C and Ocampo C. 2017. “Assessment of Mobile Technology Use and Perceived Healthcare Delivery among Patients at Community Health Centers in Washington, DC.” 88th Annual Meeting of the Eastern Psychological Association (EPA), Boston, MA.

3.  Laing SS. 2018. “Evaluating Healthcare Providers’ Perception of the Value of Digital Technology in Supporting Healthcare Practices and Patient Wellness.” 13th Annual Meeting of International Conference on Interdisciplinary Social Science.” Granada, Spain.   

4.  Laing SS, Sterling R, Ocampo C, and Baugh. 2018. “Accessible Health Services Predict Community Health Center Patients’ Mobile Health Technology Engagement: A Quantitative Cross-Sectional Analysis.” 24th Annual Meeting of the Health Care Systems Research Network, Minneapolis, Minnesota.

5.  Laing SS, Alsayid M, Ocampo C and Baugh S. 2018. “Low Income Communities Use Health Apps, But More Work is Required with Low-Income Older Adults to Optimize Mobile Health Technology Interventions.” 26th Annual Meeting of the Society for Prevention Research. Washington DC.

6.  Laing SS, Muncy, JM and Wangigi, PL. 2019. “Safety-Net Patients Use Mobile Devices for Healthcare Management and Clinicians See Value of Digital Technology to Improve Healthcare Outcomes: Patient and Provider Findings.” 62nd Congress in Healthcare Leadership – Management Innovation Poster Session. Chicago, Il.

7.  Laing SS, Ocampo C, Baugh S. 2019. “Nurse Practitioners’ Perspectives on the Opportunities for Mobile Health Technologies to Maximally Respond to Patients’ Healthcare Needs” 27th Annual Meeting of the Society for Prevention Research.  San Francisco, CA.

8.  Laing SS, Ocampo C and Baugh S. 2019.  "Healthcare Providers’ Perspectives on the Opportunities for Mobile Health Technologies to Support Patients’ Healthcare Needs." 25th Annual Health Care Systems Research Conference, April 4 – 7, Portland, Oregon.

9.  Wangigi PL and Laing SS. 2019. "Digital Healthcare Technologies Can Improve Access to Care for Ethnically Diverse and Underserved Communities." 22nd Annual University of Washington Undergraduate Research Symposium. Seattle, WA.

10.  Muncy JM and Laing SS. 2019. "Healthcare Providers’ Perceptions of the Value of Mobile Health Technology to Improve Patient Care." 22nd Annual University of Washington Undergraduate Research Symposium. Seattle, WA.

11. Laing SS. "Physical Activity Engagement Support Predicts Use of Mobile Health Technology for Preventive Care," Podium Presentation, 2020 Congress on Healthcare Leadership (Chicago, Illinois) Spring 2020 

12. Laing SS. “Exploring Healthy Eating and Digital Healthcare Support in an Overweight Sample of Working Rural Women, Poster Presentation,” 26th Annual Healthcare Systems Research Network Meeting, (Philadelphia, PA), Spring 2020

13. Laing SS. 2020. “Supporting Care Management for Low-Resourced Communities: Center for AIDS Research (CFAR). Webinar, CFAR eHealthWork in Progress: Supporting Care Management for Low-Resourced Communities | Center for AIDS Research (

14. Barrington W, Laing S, Curtis A, Thomas J, et al. 2020. “Racism as a Public Health Crisis” Washington Nurses Leadership Summit. Seattle, WA, Webinar 2020 | Washington Nurses Leadership Summit | UW Continuing Nursing Education (

15. Barrington W, Laing S. 2021. "Racism, Social Determinants of Health and COVID-19 Webinars” Rainier Olympic Nurses Association. Webinar. Racism, Social Determinants of Health & COVID-19 Webinars – Rainier Olympic Nurses Association

16. Laing S. 2021. “Pedagogy and Reducing Bias in Healthcare Delivery” Association of Nursing Professional Development. Webinar. ANPD : Online Store - Product Details

17. Laing SS. 2022. Cultivating a Culture of Health. The Whole U. University of Washington,

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